Sometimes Experiential Learning is best employed off-campus. The Experiential Learning Department does its best to provide faculty and students with transportation for these trips, including a devoted Experiential Learning van. If the van is unavailable, there are several forms of public transportation easily accessible from Brandeis.

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The Experiential Learning Van

The Experiential and Community-Engaged Learning Van is a 12 passenger vehicle available for faculty to use for course/discipline related travel. You must reserve the van in advance and have a certified driver; certifications provided byOfficer James Quinlan of Campus Police. Questions? Contact

Van Use Guidelines:

  • You must be a University certified Van Driver to operate this vehicle.

  • You CANNOT use personal FastLanes transponders in the vans. If you do, Brandeis will be billed $50 and you will be responsible for this charge.

  • Carry a cell phone for EMERGENCY USE or confirm that someone in the van has one that is fully charged.

  • The ratio of people must be equivalent to the number of seat belts in the van (12).

  • Only transport Brandeis University Faculty, Staff and Students in this van.

  • If you encounter a problem with the van upon return please email

Van Procedures:

  • Pick up the KEY to the van prior to departure.

  • Complete the Van Maintenance Report.

  • Return KEY at scheduled time to ExCEL Program Office.

  • ONLY use the EXCEL van parked in the Tower Lot .

  • Van must be picked up and returned in the time frame indicated above. Other groups are dependent upon your punctuality.

  • Return the Van with the same amount gas (regular unleaded) as when you left campus unless this is an otherwise approved use without refill.

  • Verify that Emergency Brake is OFF before operating the van and back on whenever you park the vehicle.

  • Verify that all doors are locked and interior and exterior lights are off before returning the van.

  • Return the van as clean as (or cleaner) than you when you picked it up.

  • Show up EARLY to pick up your van if its following a snow storm as you may have to shovel and clean off the van prior to departure.

Reminder that use of the ExCEL program van is a privilege and you are representing Brandeis University at all times.

Please adhere to all polices and guidelines indicated here.

Non Emergency Contacts Monday-Friday 9am-5pm:

              Daniel Langenthal                                            781-736-2697

In case of an EMERGENCY contact:

              BRANDEIS POLICE                                         781-736-3333

              WALTHAM POLICE, FIRE, EMERGENCY    911

              BRANDEIS POLICE, (non-emergency)          781-736-5000

Other Transportation Resources

Shuttle Services

Brandeis Van
The Waltham Van runs during the same hours as the van escort shuttle from campus to downtown, with as many intermediate stops as necessary. Escort Services can be reached at 781-736-4999 during the hours between 5 p.m. and 1:30 a.m. If you require an escort at another time, call Public Safety at 781-736-5000.

Weekend Bus to Cambridge and Boston
This bus runs Thursday through Sunday. Pick-up and drop-off is in front of the Usdan Student Center.

Campus Van and Morning Shuttle
Runs regularly throughout campus to and from various locations in Waltham.

Boston Public Transportation, MBTA

The MBTA provides a discount pass service to Brandeis students on a semester basis.  Download the costs of passes, then download the Semester T Pass Form and submit with appropriate payment to the Graduate Student Center, MS 207. For more information, stop by the Graduate Student Center.

Commuter Rail

The commuter rail train is a fast and convenient way to get to Boston and Cambridge (as well as some west-lying towns). Schedules vary for the commuter rail on weekends and holidays, so be sure to have a current schedule with you. The train stops at the Brandeis-Roberts station at the south edge of campus, along South Street across from the Epstein Service Center. Allow for a 10-minute walk from the center of main campus.

The train goes east to Waltham, Belmont, Cambridge and North Station in Boston. In Cambridge, the train stops at the Porter Square station, where connections can be made to the Red Line of Boston's 'T' subway system. In Boston, the train stops at North Station, where you can get on both the Green and Orange Lines of the 'T'. These have connections to all other lines of the subway system.


Buses provide service to virtually all points in the metropolitan Boston area. The number 553 bus runs by Brandeis, goes through the center of Waltham and into Newton. It is a great alternative to driving through Waltham.

From Main Street, at the end of South Street near the Walgreen's, or at the Cedarwood stop, located at the back end of campus, one can catch the numbers 70 and 70A buses that go to Central Square in Cambridge by way of Watertown. This bus passes the Watertown Mall and the Arsenal Mall.