Students in Spring 2017 classes

If you are working on any individual or collaborative research projects this semester, consider presenting your work in the Fall 2017 Experiential Learning Symposium.

Contact Daniel Langenthal for more details.

Experiential Learning Symposium

Each year Brandeis hosts an interdisciplinary symposium to showcase and celebrate the diverse and impressive ways that students engage in experiential learning. Our goal is to bring together undergraduate students from every major and discipline to share their work with the entire Brandeis campus and community partners. In this way, the symposium highlights those who have engaged in Experiential Learning in and/or out of the classroom and have shown an elevated level of exploration, discovery and innovation.

Whether it was in your summer JBS course, a practicum or an innovative collaborative project in your major, we encourage all students to apply!

Fall 2016 EL Symposium Presentations

Classical Studies Artifacts Research Collection
Savannah Bishop
Joana Jankulla
Jacob Abrams
Helen Wong
Assessing Occupational Exposure in Black Hair Salons

Allison Marill
Annie Fortnow

Art Outside the Classroom
Orli Swergold

Anomalous Self-Experience and Schizophrenia
Alec Hoyland

Music Narrating Movies
Ernest Yuan Keng Ling

Cervical Cancer in Indigenous Women: Disparities in Treatment and Prevention in Cusco, Peru
Malka Forman

Food justice, sustainability & the Brandeis Rooftop Community Farm
Hannah Moshay
Hannah Stewart
Ally Mooney
Allison Marill
Eben Holderness
Gerrianna Cohen

Rethinking Failure, a Pathway to Success
Hauke Ziessler

TraWorld: Developing a Web Application instead of Group Camp?
Abhishek Kulkarni

Field Map: Drylands and Wetland Ecology
Kat Semerau

Nutcracker Magic: The Making of Brandeis' First-Ever Full Length Ballet
Brooke Granovsky
Hannah Schuster
Hannah McCowan
Hannah DeRoche
Cristina Chen
David Dropkin
Halley Geringer
Jasmine Qi
Joanna Martin
Liza Korotkova
Frankie Marchan
Polina Potochevska

2015 EL Symposium Presentations

Farming the Ivory Tower by Elizabeth Chalfin, Gerrianna Cohen, Jenna Doherty, Jay Feinstein, Annie Fortnow & Allison Marill

Proactive vs. Reactive Approaches: A Case Study of the Water Hyacinth in China by Siqi Liu

Bulls, Birds, and Other Beasts: Interactions Between Man and Beast in the Ancient Mediterranean by Megan Carden, Daniel Cline, Brittany Joyce, Ben Poser & Jordan Roth

Exploring Kantorovich's Diaries by Maria Shaposhnikova

3D Printing Proteins: A Pretty Powerful Pedagogical Practice by Eduardo Beltrame

Defining Justice by Amelia Katan

¿A dónde quedan los hijos de la tierra? by Donna Vatnick

Civil Rights and Educational Equity by Aja Antoine, Bridgett Corbin, Janel Ridley, Sydney Schweber & Lara Tavares

Proteins and the Body: An In Depth Look at Cell Membrane by Bethlehem BelainehCommedia dell'Arte by Brian Dorfman, Amanda Ehrmann, Rachel Liff, Halley Saul & Gabi Scheinthal