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In Case of Emergency

Between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.:

  • Call 781-736-8500

Before or After Hours:

  • Call 781-736-5000

What We Do

General Services

  • Interior and exterior building repairs related to heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical wiring and lighting.
  • Interior and exterior painting.
  • Maintenance of building systems such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical wiring and lighting.
  • Maintenance of building safety and security systems.
  • Snow removal and sidewalk salting and sanding.
  • Maintenance of door locks.
  • Disposal of non-usable computer equipment.
  • Custodial maintenance.

Fee-Based Services

  • Painting and carpeting outside of routine maintenance.
  • Minor carpentry work.
  • Installation of additional outlets and lighting (outside of required).
  • Moving, installing and/or disposing of departmental furniture and equipment.
  • Key copies. Download the Key Request Form (xls).


Facilities is responsible for maintaining the appearance and cleanliness of 100 academic and residential buildings, as well as managing the custodial care of all academic, administrative and residential areas. We clean and sanitize bathrooms, refill toilet paper, paper towels and soap, clean and vacuum classrooms and offices, and empty and maintain all recycling and trash receptacles inside the buildings throughout campus. Please note that any area designated as a student responsibility will not be cleaned by Facilities. For more information, please see Community Living

Pest Control

Facilities is responsible for pest management of ants, bees, mice, spiders and all other crawling or flying insects inside the buildings throughout campus. Concerns regarding methods of extermination can be discussed with our technician upon request. Days of technician services are Tuesday and Thursday. In the case of wildlife (squirrels, raccoons, birds and snakes) inside a building a call should be place for immediate response to our work order line or to campus police during off business hours.

Grounds & Snow Removal

Facilities is responsible for all new landscape installations as well as the constant care and maintenance of campus trees, flowers, shrubs and lawns. We keep all walkways and outdoor areas clean and remove litter, and we remove all snow and ice from campus sidewalks, parking lots and roads using salting and sanding.

In our effort to be more environmentally friendly, we have reduced the use of pesticides through Integrated Pest Management techniques and the planting of naturally disease- and pest-resistant tree and shrub varieties. We also collaborate with students in the “Greening the Ivory Tower” course to plant blueberry bushes and other native species to create protective buffer zones around the Chapels Field and Sachar Woods wetlands.

Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

As anyone who lives in Boston can tell you, heating is essential during the winter months. The facilities staff maintains and repairs existing temperature control systems and mechanical systems (such as central heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems; public drinking fountain refrigeration units; associated piping, filters and duct work), and also monitors temperature controls for special events, classes and administrative functions. We regulate temperatures in residence halls, academic buildings and offices and repair any problematic heaters immediately.


Since 1998, recycling has been managed by Facilities Services in cooperation with student groups. The Campus Sustainability Initiative is working to improve the communication and accessibility of recycling on campus and to create more waste reduction strategies. Our goal is to decrease the tons of waste leaving campus and improve the recycling rates. For more information, please visit the Campus Sustainability Web site.