Election Procedures

Faculty Handbook Section: VI.B.3 Structure

            a. The members of the Faculty Senate are elected as follows:

            i. Each School of the College of Arts and Sciences elects two members, each professional school elects two, and six are elected at-large.

            ii. To be eligible for election, a candidate must be a full-time member of the faculty and have been a member of the faculty for at least one year before election, if tenured, or for at least two years, if non-tenured. No more than half of the Senate may be non-tenured.

            iii. Senators are elected for three-year terms. A Senator may not serve for more than six consecutive years.

            iv. Elections are conducted by the Faculty Senate during the final exam period of the spring term. Voting is conducted electronically. Candidates are elected by plurality. The newly-elected and continuing Senators shall meet before the final faculty meeting of the academic year, convened by the chair, or in the chair's absence by the oldest member, who presides over the new Senate's election of its chair. The chair-elect presides over the election of the new Senate Council. Results of the elections are announced at the last meeting of the faculty in the spring term. Terms of office begin on the first day of instruction in the fall term.

            b. The first Senate meeting is held during the first month of the academic year. The Faculty Senate meets at least six times during the academic year. The chair, or one-fourth of the members, may call for additional meetings.

            c. The Council of the Faculty Senate consists of the chair of the Faculty Senate, who also chairs the Council, and three other members of the Senate. Members of the Council are elected for one-year terms. No more than two Senators from a single School may serve on the Senate Council. For this purpose, faculty from the Heller School for Social Policy and Management and the Brandeis International Business School are considered members of the School of Social Science.