Past Lunches

February 2015


As a way to connect our ally community, we began to hold monthly Ally Lunches in March 2009.

These brown-bag lunches provide the opportunity for queer allies from all parts of campus to come together, meet each other and learn about or discuss a topic relevant to the queer community at Brandeis.

We invite students (undergraduate and graduate), staff and faculty from all areas of campus to join us at these monthly events.

Upcoming Lunches:

March 26, 2015: Fluidity

Genders and sexualities can be fluid and/or non-binary and such identities carry many misconceptions and stereotypes. Beyond gender and sexuality, other identities and social categories can also be fluid. We will examine the gray areas, challenging the existence of dichotomous categories.

April 28, 2015: Drag

Drag is both performative and transformative. Let's celebrate the end of the semester by discussing the different ways in which drag subverts norms, entertains many, and in some cases, saves lives!