Campus Allies

Initially developed by the Queer Resource Center, this list consists of people who are known to be supportive, trustworthy contacts for LGBTQ students. This list is undergoing some edits to account for folks that have left Brandeis, moved into new positions, changed names or titles, and those who have completed the Brandeis SafeSpace Allies Training in the past year. Please send any edits to Meral.

Jamele Adams Dean of Students 6-3600
Samantha Bailey Development 6-4050
Gina Bastone Academic Outreach Librarian for the Social Sciences 6-4667
Alwina Bennett Assistant Provost, Graduate Student Affairs 6-3546
Scott Berozi Community Development Coordinator, Community Living 6-5060
Cathy Burack Heller School CYC 6-3762
Ed Callahan Director, Public Safety 6-4240
Matt Carriker Protestant Minister, Chaplaincy 6-3573
Father Walter Cuenin Catholic Priest, Chaplaincy 6-3574
Stephanie Crane Community Development Coordinator, Department of Community Living 6-5060
Sarah Hogan-Crowley Assistant Director for Operations and Off-Campus Housing, Community Living 6-5060
Steven Doona Assistant Director, Student Loans 6-4451
Scott Edmiston Director, Office of the Arts 6-2027
Dean Gendron Director, Student Rights and Community Standards 6-5060
Jen Giordano User Experience Librarian 6-7521
Monique Pillow Gnanaratnam Director, Intercultural Center 6-8580
Kim Godsoe Assistant Provost for Academic Affairs 6-2177
Lauren Grover Alcohol and Other Drug Counselor and Program leader, Health Center 6-3693
Shannon Hunt Program Administrator, Women and Gender Studies 6-3045
Dana Kelley Detective Sergeant 6-4243
Jace Kirschner Associate Director, Intercultural Center 6-8584
Brian Koslowski Academic Advisor, Academic Services 6-3468
Jamie Kronberger Community Development  Coordinator, Department of Community Living 6-5060
Erika Lamarre Director, Community Living 6-5070
Jeremy Leiferman Senior Director, Community Living 6-5060
Allison Leventhal Assistant Director for Programs and Resident Support, Community Living 6-5060
Lucas Malo Director, Community Service 6-3237
Jay MacDuffie Community Development Coordinator, Residence Life 6-5060
Maggie McNeely University Archivist 6-4686
Bette Reilly Clery Act Compliance Officer, Public Safety 6-4244
Ingrid Schorr Associate Director, Office of the Arts 6-5008
Erika Smith Director, Transitional Year Program 6-3564
Meral Tunador Program Coordinator, Sexuality and Gender Diversity, ICC 6-8582
Elba Valerio Program Coordinator, ICC 6-8588
David Weinstein Communications Specialist, International Center for Ethics 6-2115
Tara Whitehurst Department Coordinator, ICC 6-8580
Alex Willett Academic Outreach Librarian for GIS and the Social Sciences 6-4683
Elaine Wong Senior Associate Dean, Arts and Sciences for Undergraduate Education 6-3453
Queer Resource Center Peer Counseling, Education, and Advocacy 6-3546
Student Sexuality Information Services Peer Counseling, Safer Sex Products 6-3695