Where is YOUR ally card?

To join the growing community of allies at Brandeis you must participate in the Allies Training program and sign the Allies Pledge. You will then have an ally card that you can place on your door, on your desk, in your dorm, or anywhere it might be visible for our LGBTQ+ community at Brandeis. These cards signify you as an ally meaning you are committed to ending queerphobia on our campus and believe in the inherent worth and dignity of LGBTQ+ individuals. Join the Allies community and get your card!


Contact Meral Tunador.

Building an Ally Community at Brandeis


The Intercultural Center  and the Sexuality and Gender Diversity Program proudly present the Brandeis LGBTQ+ Allies Training!

The Brandeis Allies training is an hour and a half long program, open to students, staff, and faculty, in which participants are invited to learn about and discuss what it means to be an ally to LGBTQ+ individuals and others across the sexual and gender spectrums, at Brandeis and beyond. During the training, we will focus on ways to support someone in their identity, disrupt queerphobia and transphobia, recognize the diversity within LGBTQ+ identities, and further educate and challenge ourselves to examine our own beliefs and actions.

The mission of the Brandeis Allies program is to:

  • educate and raise awareness of issues and concerns surrounding gender identities/expressions and sexual identities;

  • create a visible allied community of undergraduate students, graduate students, staff, and faculty;

  • provide resources and support for Brandeis LGBTQ+ students, staff, and faculty;

  • make Brandeis a safer place for ALL of us to be exactly who we are.

Students, faculty, and staff who complete the Brandeis SafeSpace Allies Training will receive an allies card and will then be certified allies.

Spring 2015 training dates are TBA.

Allies Topics Trainings

Allies Topics Trainings occur at least once a semester as a part of the continuing training and development for Allies. These trainings last 1 hour and expand upon one of the topics of the Allies Training. Registration is not required.

Spring 2015 Allies Topics Trainings dates are TBA.

This program is free and open to the entire Brandeis Community.