Get Involved

Queer life at Brandeis continues to be vibrant. Want to get involved?


Triskelion (Trisk) is Brandeis' LGBTQ+ student social group. General Trisk meetings are held on Thursdays at 8 p.m.  in the Gender and Sexuality Center. Trisk welcomes students of all genders and sexualities to all club events.

In addition to weekly club meetings, Trisk has several branches that also hold meetings:

TransBrandeis is a Trisk group that meets to discuss transgender issues and life on campus. Two major projects that TransBrandeis is involved in were developing a gender-inclusive housing program and creating gender inclusive bathrooms around campus. For more information and to get involved, join the email list.

The Sex and Sexualities Symposium (SASS) is an intellectual discussion group that meets weekly in the Gender and Sexuality Center to discuss issues surrounding sexualities, gender and sex. SASS also holds an annual undergraduate sexualities research conference in April. SASS currently meets from 5:00-6:00pm on Tuesdays in the Gender and Sexuality Center.

Shalem is a queer Jewish student group is officially affiliated with both Triskelion and Hillel. Subscribe to their listserv! Check them out on Facebook

The Queer People of Color Coalition (QPOCC) provides a community and support system for queer people of color.

The Queer Resource Center

The Queer Resource Center (QRC) provides confidential peer counseling with a trained staff, dorm raps and a library of books, movies and other resources.

QRC Office Hours are Monday-Thursday, 1:00-6:00pm, or by appointment and is located in the Gender and Sexuality Center (Usdan G105). The center can also be reached by phone at x6-8583 or e-mail. Check QRC out on Facebook or for more information, visit their website!

The Queer Policy Alliance

The Queer Policy Alliance (QPA) is a group aiming to build a dialogue with public officials in order advocate on behalf of all LGBTQ citizens, to educate the Brandeis community about the fight for LGBTQ rights on a national and global scale, and to provide local outreach to the Waltham community. QPA is a bi-partisan organization and all are welcome! Weekly meetings: Thursdays at 9:30 in the Gender and Sexuality Center.


QueerGrad is a group of graduate students from all three graduate schools. Sign up for the mailing list or join them on Facebook.