In Case of an Emergency...

In case of an emergency, call Public Safety at
(781) 736-3333 or x6-3333 from a campus line.

If you are off campus, dial 911.

Out Safe

Hate is not a Brandeis Value.

At Brandeis we stand with our Queer community and we do not tolerate anti-LGBTQI behavior. Bias-related incidents are all too common on college campuses and we work as a team to prevent these incidents and to respond effectively should they occur here.

Want to Report a Bias-related Incident?

If you feel that you have experienced a bias-related incident, please be in contact with Public Safety and the The Department of Student Rights and Community Standards and complete the Community Standards Report. The Department of Student Rights and Community Standards (DSRCS) serves the undergraduate and graduate student communities at Brandeis University by implementing the Student Conduct Process found in our code of conduct, Rights and Responsibilities. If you are aware of a violation of community standards, or if you have a concern about a Brandeis student, please share your concern via the Community Standards Report.

The Community Standards Report replaces the former Incident Report and Academic Dishonesty Report as well as the LGBTQ Bias-Related Incident Report.

Submit a report now.

If you are in immediate danger, your safety is in jeopardy, or you feel like a crime has been committed against you, we strongly urge you to be in contact with Public Safety by calling 781.736.3333 or x6-3333.

Administrators from the Division of Students and Enrollment will work as a team with our campus partners to respond to your situation. Remember: we are here for you.

Getting Help:

If you are a survivor of a bias-related incident please remember:

  • This incident was not your fault.
  • You are not alone.
  • There are resources available to you on campus and in the greater community.
  • It is okay to feel the way you feel--whatever that looks like for you--that might include not feeling anything.
  • Although reporting a crime is your decision, if you choose to report you must be aware of time sensitive evidence. For example, toxicology testing is available within the first 96 hours after an assault. Waiting to report, showering, and changing clothes can limit what evidence can be collected.

If someone you know is a survivor of a bias-related incident please remember:

  • Address their immediate physical and emotional concerns.
  • Listen, believe them, and do not judge.
  • Let the survivor decide what they want to discuss or if they want to talk at all.
  • Respect their choices.
  • Offer possible resources.

Some important resources:

If you have additional resources that you feel should be included on this page, please contact Felix today.