Do you know of other gender inclusive bathrooms at Brandeis?

This is a living list. If you know of other gender inclusive restrooms in public buildings on campus, contact Ryan to add it to this list.

Gender Inclusive Restrooms

gender inclusive restroom

The following restrooms are labeled for "All Genders" and located in public buildings across campus, not including residence halls:

Intercultural Center – Ground floor (in lounge)

Brandeis Counseling Center (BCC) Mailman – First floor (room 110-123)

Usdan Student Center - Second Floor (across from Student Financial Services near rm 118

              -  Levin Ballroom side, elevator landing B level

Pearlman - second floor near room 204, near Sociology Office

Rosenstiel - Two on First Floor

Rabb Graduate Center - -First Floor (Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Department) room 111

             -  Near room 241

Heller School - First Floor, near room 144

              - Ground floor near room G46

Abraham Shapiro Academic Complex - Two of them, Ground Floor (Mandel Center for Studies in Jewish Education) next to each other

Rose Art Museum - Lower Level

Shapiro Campus Center (SCC) - Second floor

              -  Third floor

Shapiro Science Center - Ground Floor near elevator landing

Slosberg Music Center - Top Floor, rm 64-203

Dunkin Donuts - Village Lounge

Epstein - Main Floor (Women’s Studies Research Center)

             -  Lower level in Hallway

Gosman Sports and Convention Center - two on Ground Floor (near cardio equipment), one has a shower

Linsey Sports Center - Second Floor (near exit to south street)

Mandel - Ground floor near room G14

Spingold -  Throughout the entire building

Sachar International Center (IBS)-  First Floor (near Wasserman Theater)

          -    Lower Level next to Bloomberg lab

Kutz -    First floor near room 130

         -    First floor near vending machines

         -   Second floor room 80-225

         -   Second floor room 80-224

Goldfarb - Mezzanine near room 232 (Writing Center)

The following restrooms are gendered, but are single-user, locking restrooms:

Golding Judaica Center - 2 on Main Floor, labeled “men’s room for faculty only and “women”

Faculty Club - Restaurant Level, labeled “ladies”

Gryzmish Center - 2 on Main Floor under stairs, labeled “women” and “men”