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Brandeis/Wellesley MA Substitutions

Substitutions for Wellesley BA/MA candidates

Since some undergraduate courses cover material that is similar to content of graduate courses, students need to be aware of the specific rules regarding the following subject areas:


  • If students took an accounting class at Babson or MIT before starting the BA/MA program, students cannot take FIN 212a. The Babson/MIT course will fulfill the accounting requirement, but those credits do not count towards the Brandeis IBS master's degree.
  • If students are interested in taking additional accounting courses, students may take FIN 213a, a more advanced course.


  • If students took ECON 323 (Wellesley College) they cannot take FIN 201a.
  • ECON 323 will fulfill the Investments requirement and count for credit.
  • If students are interested in more Investments (Advanced), they can take FIN 205a.

Broad Global Perspective

  • ECON 201a or the Capstone course is required for the MA program
  • No class may be substituted for this requirement

Applied International Macroeconomics

  • If students took ECON 313 (Wellesley College) they do not have to take ECON 202a.
  • ECON 313 will fulfill the International Macroeconomics requirement and count for credit.
  • However, if students are interested in International Macroeconomics, they can take ECON 202a after ECON 313 as it will provide more advanced and in-depth instruction.

International Trade

  • If students took ECON 314 (Wellesley College) they do not have to take ECON 260a.
  • ECON 314 will fulfill the International Trade requirement and count for credit.
  • However, if students are interested in applications of International Trade Theory, they can take ECON 260a after ECON 314 as it will provide more advanced and in-depth instruction.

Corporate Finance

  • No Wellesley College course is a substitute for this requirement.

Quantitative Methods

  • ECON 203 (Wellesley College) will fulfill the Quantitative Methods requirement and count for credit. 

The following chart indicates Brandeis IBS MA courses for which there are Wellesley College substitutions:

Brandeis IBS Course Wellesley Equivalent

ECON 207f Applied Macroeconomics I

ECON 208f Applied Macroecnomics II

ECON 101 Principles of Macroeconomics (does not count for credit)
OR ECON 201 Intermediate Micro Analysis 
ECON 210f Foundations of Statistics  ECON 103 Intro to Probability and Statistical Methods (does not count for credit)
ECON 202a Applied International Macroeconomics ECON 313 International Macroeconomics
ECON 260a International Trade Policy ECON 314 International Trade Theory
FIN 201a Investments ECON 323 Finance Theory and Applications
FIN 212a Accounting and Financial Analysis Since Wellesley College does not offer Accounting courses, Accounting taken at MIT or Babson will satisfy the Accounting requirement but not count for credit.
ECON 211f Foundations of Econometrics  
ECON 212f Survey of Advanced Econometric Techniques 
ECON 203 Econometrics