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Brandeis/Wellesley MA Program

Brandeis International Business School (IBS) and the Department of Economics at Wellesley College offer a joint BA/MA degree that can be completed by students in one year following completion of their Bachelor’s education. Students will be awarded a Wellesley BA at the end of their senior year and an MA degree from Brandeis IBS after a year of graduate study.

The Brandeis/Wellesley MA program prepares students for careers in international finance, business, policymaking and other fields that require strong analytical skills in international economics or finance. 


Qualified Wellesley undergraduates who wish to earn Brandeis IBS' Master of Arts in International Economics and Finance may apply in the middle of their junior year, and following admission, enter a special track called the BA/MA program, during their senior year.

  • A student must apply to both Wellesley’s Department of Economics and Brandeis IBS. 
    • The Wellesley application materials will be available in November and are due at the end of the fall semester of junior year.
    • The Brandeis IBS application is available online. 
  • A completed application, official undergraduate transcript, a composite letter of recommendation from the Wellesley Department of Economics, essays and a resume must be submitted to Brandeis IBS no later than March 15. The GRE is not required.

Students interested in the Wellesley/Brandeis MA program should also consult with the Chair of the Wellesley Economics Department.