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MBA Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements

Required Credits

64 credits (equivalent to 16 full semester courses).
60 of these credits must be in BUS, ECON or FIN.
4 credits may be in a different field, but applicable to the intent of the degree.

Foundational Courses

Normally taken before starting the MBA. If not, then the indicated course is to be taken in the first semester.

ECON 207f Applied Microeconomics I
ECON 210f Foundations of Statistics 

Course Requirements

Business Analytics

Requirement: 1 full course or 2 modules (4 credits)

BUS 211f Analyzing Big Data I
BUS 212f Analyzing Big Data II 
BUS 253a Marketing Research: Design & Analysis
ECON 211f Foundations of Econometrics
FIN 217f Financial Modeling I 
FIN 218f Financial Modeling II 


Requirement: 1 full course (4 credits)

Fin 212a

OR FIN 213a

Accounting and Financial Analysis 
Advanced Financial Accounting 

International Economics

Requirement: 1 full course (4 credits)International Economics

ECON 201a  Global Economic Environment 


Requirement: 2 full courses (8 credits)

FIN 201a

FIN 202a International Corporate Finance 


Requirement: 1 full course (4 credits)

BUS 252a Marketing Management


Requirement: 1 full course (4 credits)

BUS 272a  Operations Management 

Organizational Behavior

Requirement: 1 full course or 2 modules (4 credits)

BUS 220a

OR BUS 219f

Organizational Behavior
Fundamentals of Organizational Behavior 

If Bus 219f is taken, then add one of the following:

BUS 222f Global Dexterity 
BUS 275f Transnational Negotiations 
BUS 226f Managing Global Human Capital 
BUS 227a Influence, Power and Identity

Business Policy

Requirement: 1.5  courses (6 credits)

BUS 260a Competition & Strategy
BUS 228f Management Communications 


4 semesters as a full-time student (summer studies do not count).