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MSF Career Paths

MSF students develop strong analytical skills, encompassing the acquisition of techniques for valuing investments, capital budgeting, and managing risk. These skills, in turn, allow for a wide range of MSF job opportunities in financial institutions and services as well as in the financial operations of non-financial companies.

Graduates are often already employed in a finance position, but with an MSF degree see career advancement accelerated or receive a promotion. Other graduates have used their degree to change jobs, both within and across industries. For example, a graduate of the program might transition from a position as an engineer in a manufacturing firm to a principal in a financial services firm.

MSF Alumni Success Stories

Image of Pasquale Nuzzo

Deepening understandings of global economics

Pasquale Nuzzo, MSF '00

The Italian-born treasury-management expert went from not speaking a word of English to becoming a senior vice president at Capital One in New York City.

Sam Soltani, MSF '10 Alumni Profile

Businessman with Business Experience

Sam Soltani, MSF '10

As Chief Operating Officer, Sam Soltani, MSF ’10 is the sole member of BioSensics’ impressive management team who has actual business experience.

The best part of the job is that I don’t have set “day-to-day” responsibilities

Pia McCusker, MSF '00

"In 2008 alone, I had to visit clients in South Africa, Australia, UK, Spain, France, South Korea, and Slovenia."

Recent Placements

Company Position
State Street Global Advisors Principal
Fidelity Capital Markets Senior Project Manager
Standard and Poor's Associate Director
American Express SIS Manager
Bank of America Financial Services Manager
Citizen's Bank Head Trader
Equis Financial Group Senior Account Manager
Pioneer Investments Europe Trade Desk
John Hancock Mutual Life Financial Control Analyst
Shawmut Mills Business Manager