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MSF Curriculum

The Master of Science in Finance (MSF) is a ground breaking program designed to help financial professionals advance their careers through comprehensive training in global markets, financial theory, analysis, and strategy. MSF courses help to develop:

  • a conceptual framework for understanding financial decisions and global capital markets amid the core disciplines of investments, corporate finance, economics, accounting, and quantitative methods.
  • advanced expertise in specialized areas such as options and derivatives, fixed income securities, portfolio management, and corporate financial operations.
  • an ability to apply practical skills to "real world" problems in financial markets and operations.
  • the option to specialize in business finance, international investments, asset management, corporate finance, real estate, data analytics or risk management

Program of Study

Master's in finance program provides students with first-hand experience by arranging educational visits to the world's financial capitals such as Istanbul, Tokyo, London.The MSF allows you to begin your studies in the summer, fall or spring. Students typically take 3 semesters (plus summer) to complete the program and particularly enjoy the course World Financial Center, held in a major financial capital in an intensive one-week format. In the past, the course has been held in London, Tokyo, Paris, Frankfurt and Prague.

Specializations include quantitative and qualitative work, and integrate business skills and economic principles.