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BA/MBA Program

Applying to the BA/MBA Program

The BA/MBA program allows Brandeis graduates with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) degree to complete our MBA at an accelerated pace, and without a break in their studies. Brandeis IBS offers this in cooperation with the School of Arts and Sciences at Brandeis University. Students will complete their BA or BS in one of the majors offered by the School of Arts and Sciences before enrolling in the MBA program.

The BA/MBA will focus on two distinct streams of students, each with slightly different requirements for entry and for completion of the MBA. The BA/MBA-Science is intended for Brandeis students earning a Bachelor of Science in any major or a Bachelor of Arts in any field of science, technology, engineering or math (STEM). The BA/MBA-Liberal Arts is intended for Brandeis students in other liberal arts fields, who often will also be majoring or minoring in business.

Undergraduates in their senior year may apply to the BA/MBA program and enter the MBA in the semester following the competition of their undergraduate studies. Even before enrollment, accepted students may access several services at Brandeis IBS.

BA/MBA Pre-enrollment Preparation

The International Business School has a special set of services to help admitted BA/MBA students prepare for their first semester in the MBA program. The following exclusive services and financial supports will be available to a Brandeis Senior who has been admitted to the BA/MBA for the following year. The services become available immediately upon admittance, even before matriculation (which occurs the following Fall):

Available upon acceptance in the BA/MBA program:

  • Access to graduate MBA classes, if you have sufficient preparation for the class. Enrollment in these courses will be by signature of instructor, but admittance to the BA/MBA program will put you near the front of the line in heavily-subscribed courses, following after enrolled graduate students. If your application is complete by the December 1st deadline, an admissions decision will be made in time for you to seek enrolment in Spring MBA courses, if you are accepted into the program.

 Available upon payment of deposit to reserve spot in BA/MBA program ($2000):

  • Access to all online resources of the IBS Career Development Center. This includes information sources, ability to post your resume in online forums, and eligibility to attend events that are normally exclusive to IBS graduate students..
  • Access to a specially-appointed advisor in the IBS Career Development Center. This advisor will counsel you, or refer you on to others, to help you prepare a professional resume, explore career options, and apply for internships available for your cohort. 

Available upon presentation of a proposed internship for the summer before enrolment in MBA:

  • Eligibility to compete for stipend to support unpaid internships in the summer before enrolment. The Pozen Innovation Internships program may provide up to $4000 in summer stipend for an internship that is relevant to your intended study in the MBA program. The stipend will be disbursed upon matriculation in the MBA program.