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BA/MBA Tuition & Financial Aid

Expenses for tuition and other charges in the BA/MBA program are the same as they would be for the graduate MBA program. You will be responsible for three semesters of tuition and fees.

Please be aware that financial aid for graduate study is traditionally less generous than undergraduate financial aid. Each student will be responsible for a significant portion of tuition in addition to all living expenses. If you are concerned about funding, you should speak with the Admissions Office before submitting your application.

U.S. students should expect to apply for federal loans through the Stafford program by filling out a FAFSA and through private loan agencies. International students may be eligible for a Brandeis loan. The three main sources of financial assistance available at the graduate level are: government loans, institutional loans and grants and private foundations/corporations. You should explore all these sources of funding. Graduate support is based on merit, need and the availability of funds.