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BA/MBA Program

Undergraduate courses applicable to MBA

16 credits from among the courses on this page, or more advanced courses

Note: Courses marked with an asterisk (*) also exempt the student from specific core requirements of the MBA, freeing up time for electives

  • BUS 14a Managerial Accounting
  • (*) BUS 20a Organizational Behavior in Business
  • BUS 30a Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • BUS 35a Real Estate and Society
  • (*) BUS 52a Marketing Management
  • BUS 55a Consumer Behavior
  • (*) BUS 6a Financial Accounting
  • BUS 70a Business in the Global Economy
  • (*) BUS 71a Introduction to Finance
  • ECON 135a Industrial Organization
  • ECON 161a International Finance
  • (*) ECON 171a Financial Economics
  • ECON 171a Financial Economics
  • ECON 172b Money and Banking
  • (*) ECON 174a Corporate Finance
  • ECON 174a Corporate Finance