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MBA Add-On

This program allows MA graduates with at least two years of work experience to enhance their skills and credentials with supplemental MBA study. The MBA degree offered in this program emphasizes frameworks and tools useful in analysis and management of the operations of international firms. The degree will be an MBA in International Business, with optional concentrations in International Finance, International Economic Policy, and Socially Responsible Business.

Requirements for MA Alumni to Earn the MBA Degree at Brandeis IBS

Admission to the program requires at least two years or more of relevant work experience acquired after the MA degree (a normal requirement for the MBA degree), plus an essay explaining the work experience and the applicant's goals in pursuing the MBA at Brandeis IBS. Any other evidence of academic or professional performance may also be considered, as it would for any admission to the MBA program.

Completion of the add-on MBA degree requires: 

  1. At least one semester of academic credit at Brandeis that consists of at least four (4) regular courses that fill gaps the student has in MBA core requirements. Normally, no credit will be granted for other non-Brandeis courses toward fulfillment of these four courses. If the student needs more than four courses to complete the MBA core requirements, these will be additional requirements. The MBA program director will determine which courses need to be taken to fill gaps in the student’s curriculum. Core requirements for the MBA normally include marketing (1 semester course), operations (1), organizational behavior (1), and business policy (1½), in addition to courses in accounting, finance, economics, and quantitative methods that most likely would already have been met by the MA course of study. (These requirements are subject to change; please check current MBA requirements.)
  2. A field project paper that uses concepts from MBA courses to analyze issues that the student has faced or is facing at work. The precise content of this project would be worked out with the MBA program director and will depend on the student’s course preparation, course plan, and work experience. The intent of this requirement is to explore explicitly the connections that MBA students are able to make between their pre-Brandeis work experience and their study. The paper does not count as a course, but needs to be completed before graduation.