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MA Program

MA Program-Course Planning

Students in the Master of Arts in International Economics and Finance (MA) – Lemberg Program are pre-registered in Brandeis International Business School (IBS) core courses for their first (Fall) semester:

  • The Accounting course requirement is offered at two levels to better meet students’ abilities. Your placement is determined by prior coursework and experience.
  • Half of the incoming class is enrolled in Launching Your Global Career (BUS 224f) in the Fall Semester, and half in the Spring Semester. Apart from this, students are not pre-enrolled in any courses in their second (spring) semester. 
Students are expected to fulfill all core requirements, with one exception, during their first year:

  • The one exception is the capstone course, which is usually taken in the Spring of Year 2. Students who are already competent at intermediate microeconomics, intermediate macroeconomics, and econometrics may take Global Economic Environment (ECON 201a) in the Fall of Year 1 instead of the second-year capstone course. (Note: GEE is taught at the level of Principles of Economics because it is designed for MsFs and MBAs, who are not required to know principles of economics before enrollment.) 
  • To defer a required course to your second year you must speak with your Program Advisor. 
Students in the BA/MA program have specific degree requirements

Required courses must be taken at IBS, unless some extraordinary circumstances warrant an exception, which must be approved by the Program Advisor.