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MA Program

MA Courses for PowerPoint Skills

Required for the PowerPoint Curriculum

ECON 201a: Global Economic Environment or Capstone course (at least 2 Presentations)
FIN 202a: Corporate Finance (at least 1 Presentation)

Courses for additional PowerPoint skill development

BUS 220a: Organizational Behavior
BUS 297a: Internships
BUS 221f: Managing Across Cultures
BUS 298a: Independent Study
BUS 236f: Int’l Real Estate: Emerging Markets
ECON 210f: Foundation of Stats & Econometrics I
BUS 237f: Int’l Real Estate: Mature Markets
ECON 253a: Asia: Center of the World Economy
BUS 250a: Global Marketing
ECON 265f: Off-Shoring and Out-Sourcing
BUS 252a: Marketing Management
ECON 270a: Economic Development Strategies
BUS 253a: Marketing Research
FIN 205a: Accelerated Investments
BUS 254a: Marketing Strategy
FIN 217f: Financial Modeling I
BUS 262f: Alliance Strategy
FIN 218f: Financial Modeling II
BUS 286a: Applications of System Dynamics
FIN 285a: Computer Simulation and Risk 

More options for intensive PowerPoint skill development

BUS 228f: Strategic Business Communication
Black MBA Case Competition
Boston Security Analyst Society Case Competition
Consulting Club Case Competition
Dale Carnegie Workshop
National Association of Women MBA case competition
Operations Case Competition