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MSF Program Course Plan

Course plans

Students should begin their program by completing as many of the five required core courses as possible. A typical program for a full-time MSF student beginning in the fall might look like this: 

Fall Spring Summer

Econ 201a: Global Economic Environment

Fin 201a: Financial Theory

Fin 212a: Accounting and Financial Analysis

Econ 202a: International Corporate Finance

Econ 210f: Foundations of Statistics & Econometrics I

Fin 202a: International Corporate Finance

Econ 217f: Financial Modeling I

2 elective courses

2 elective courses

MSF Core Courses

It is highly recommended that you take all core classes before continuing with your electives. Since many core courses are prerequisites for the elective courses, it is important that you plan your schedule carefully. We recommend meeting with your Program Advisor and mapping out a plan for your MSF degree. 

Course Number Course Name
ECON 201a Global Economic Environment
ECON 210f* Foundations of Statistics and Econometrics I
FIN 212a Accounting and Financial Analysis
FIN 201a Investments
FIN 202a International Corporate Finance
FIN 217f* Financial Modeling I

*Module courses - course numbers that end in "f" are half-semester courses that yield 2 credits. 

Electives for the MSF Program

MSF students can choose their electives from many offerings in the International Finance areas. For the prerequisites associated with each course, the schedule of classes and course syllabus, please consult the course catalog. 

Through elective work, students will focus their studies into specializations. After completing the core requirements, students may then choose one or two additional electives in Finance or other courses at Brandeis IBS.