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Understanding Course Numbers

How to understand a Brandeis IBS course number

Example: BUS 275f (2) S2

1. The 3 or 4 letter abbreviation refers to the subject area:

  • BUS = Business
  • FIN = Finance
  • ECON = Economics

2. The 3-digit number refers to the course level: 

  • 100 = electives open to both graduate and undergraduate students
  • 200 = master's level classes
  • 300 = PhD-level classes

3. The small letter refers to whether the class is a course or a module

  • a = course (4 credits)
  • b = course (4 credits)
  • f = module (2 credits)
  • g = 2nd/3rd internship (1 credit)

4. All modules (course numbers that end in "f") meet either the first half or the second half of the semester.
     This is indicated by the "1" or "2" that is in parenthesis at the end of the course number.
     Don't confuse this with S1 and S2.

5. Some course numbers end with a S1 or S2.
     This means that there is more than one section of this course.
     Each section is the full course offered at the specific time indicated.
     The different sections may be taught by different instructors. 

By way of example, a course number for Transnational Negotiations looks like this: BUS 275f (2) S2

  1.  BUS <-- This is a business subject area course
  2.  275 <-- This is a Master's level course
  3.  f (2) <-- This is a module which meets for the second half of the semester for 2 credits
  4.  S2 <-- This is the second section of this course
Note: The class # and the course # are not the same thing. When registering, include both the class # and the course #. 

Internship Course Numbers

There is an exception to the relationship between course numbers and credits described above. You can earn up to 4 credits in total for an internship. In order to earn credit for an internship, you must enroll before you start working. When using internships for credit, the following applies:

Course Number Credits
First Internship BUS 297a
ECON 297a
FIN 297a 
Second Internship BUS 297g
ECON 297g
FIN 297g
Third Internship BUS 297g
ECON 297g
FIN 297g