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Technology & Resources

Help & Support

Media Services (i.e. videography), Web ServicesFaculty & Club Web Support and Microsoft Office Support are available. We have a Help Desk that can answer any questions, or you can refer to our FAQ section.

Computer Labs & Clusters

Brandeis IBS is home to the Bloomberg Lab, as well as Computer Clusters with Printing, Faxing and Scanning capabilities.

Classroom Technology

Each classroom has a Dell Optiplex 755 computer, equipped with the latest releases of university endorsed software, as well as projectors and video/audio equipment. These systems are all "refreshed" multiple times per semester. 


Brandeis IBS provides a number of research systems, such as STATA, Matlab, Dynare, R, Mathematica and SAS, as well as access to SAGE, which are available to the community for high-powered research.


Every Brandeis IBS student and faculty member is given Server Space and Access, which can be accessed from computer labs and clusters, as well as over our Wi-Fi network. Our technology team has created a short video to show new users how to connect to the network.

Building Maintenance

While most facilities requests are made to the University  Facilities Department  via their Help Form , Brandeis IBS' Facilities & Capital Projects Department does assist with select facilities requests based in the Sachar and Lemberg Buildings.