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Printing and Copying

Printing and copying are located on the middle level of the Brandeis IBS computer cluster. Printing is also available in the Shapiro Building and Goldfarb. The cost for printing and copying at all locations is $0.10 per page. 

How to print:

  1. When you send a print job you will be prompted to type in your UNet username and the name of the print job. It can be named anything you like; it is simply to help identify which one is yours. 
  2. Walk to the print station (located next to the printer) and type in your job name. Click log in.
  3. Find your print job and click on it. At the bottom of the page you will see the cost and a prompt for you to insert your Brandeis IBS card into the reader next to the print station. If you decide you do not want to print the document, click the "logoff" button on the bottom left of the screen. All print jobs that are not printed within 20 minutes are automatically deleted to avoid print queue back-ups.
  4. Once you send a job to print, it is available at both the upper and lower printers.