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Research Systems

Welcome to the Research Systems Information Page

Brandeis University provides a number of systems which are available to the community for high-powered research. In addition to these services, the Brandeis IBS Technology Office offers a set of research servers specific to the business school. Below, you will find listings of research-based systems on campus, their uses, included software packages and user-limitations.

LTS Business Research Guide

The LTS Business Research Guide is a dashboard offering students immediate access to company, industry and country analysis and information, wth quick links to news, stats and reports, trade information and corporate sustainability initiatives. The guide also provides access into key databases such as:

  • LexisNexis Academic: Full-text articles in The Economist, Financial Times, and Business Week.
  • Business Source Premier: Full text and indexing in thousands of journals including Harvard Business Review, Industrial & Labor Relations Review, the Journal of Management Studies, and the Journal of Marketing Research (JMR).
  • Thomson Research: Business and financial information on international and U.S. publicly-held companies.
  • ArticleFirst: Indexes table of contents pages of more than 12,000 journals in all fields, 1990 to present. 
  • And many more. 

Brandeis High-Performance Computer Cluster (HPCC)

The HPC cluster at Brandeis is a centrally administered cluster composed of computer nodes owned by various lab groups. The cluster runs 64-bit Linux and is accessible at to users with accounts. QSUB, QRSH, single jobs, Matlab jobs, Mathematica jobs and parallels are only a few of the available systems within the HPCC.

Below you will find various resources which will help you to learn more about the HPC and get you started. 

  • HPCC Wiki
  • Clusters
  • Request an HPCC Account

Brandeis IBS Minnow

Minnow is a Redhat server designed to provide faculty and PhD students access to network licensed versions of Matlab, Stata, Dynare, Mathematica and SAS. This system is an 8 core processor with 16GB Memory.

Brandeis IBS Archer

Currently under development, "Archer" is a state of the art high-power computing server which is dedicated to research needs of the Brandeis IBS community. Powered by Citrix Xen-Platform, “Archer” is a virtual-server being developed to replace our current "Minnow" server.

Research resources on the web

In addition to access provided by the LTS Business Research Guide, there are free resources available on the web. 

Information on Industries

  • HBS Guides to Business Information: By industry, the links are to public sources that are free to all (unless marked HBS only).

Information on Companies

  • Yahoo Financial: Excellent source of information on companies and markets including financials, news and charts.
    SEC Data: EDGAR, the Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system, performs automated collection, validation, indexing, acceptance, and forwarding of submissions by companies and others who are required by law to file forms with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Business News

  • Wall Street Journal Online: Current news and Annual Report downloads; additional content is available at a discounted student rate.
  • Business Week: Free registration gives you access to archive of articles going back to 1991, as well as email newsletters.
  • Fortune: Free access to archive of articles, as well as email newsletters. 
  • Forbes: Free access to archive of articles, as well as email newsletters.

  • New York Times: Register for free newsletter with current news, customizable to report articles on keywords and company names that you specify. 

Business Thinking and Ideas

  • HBS Working Knowledge: Email newsletter and repository of book reviews, website recommendations, short articles, and other items useful in understanding business and management. 
  • Knowledge@Wharton: Email newsletter and repository of book reviews, website recommendations, short articles, and other items useful in understanding business and management. 

Scholarly and Managerial Journals in Business

  • Harvard Business School Publishing: Search for HBS case studies, Harvard Business Review articles, and other publications. Most results are only available at cost, but electronic downloads are available for many items.
  • Sloan Management Review: Search abstracts of SMR articles since 1993. No electronic purchasing available.
  • Free online database of journal articles, including Administrative Science Quarterly and Academy of Management Review.