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Server Space and Access

Campus Data Storage

UNET Home Space is provided to all members of the Brandeis community. This storage space is managed by Brandeis Library and Technology Services located at the Goldfarb Help Desk.

Your UNet Home Space has three default folders: public, private, and WWW.

  • The private folder is accessible only to you.
  • The public folder is accessible to any Brandeis user via methods such as SFTP and SSH
  • The WWW space is available to anyone, Brandeis users or not.
    • This folder is for use of developing personalized webpages at an address such as "[yourusername]"
  • Files put in the root of your home folder (not in private, public or WWW) are only accessible to you.

For more information on UNET Home Space or to sign up for UNET Home Space, please contact the Goldfarb Help Desk at 

Research, Teaching, and Staff Storage

Each Brandeis IBS PhD, faculty and member of staff is given storage space on IBS Technology owned servers. We allocate quota's of disk space on the network for research & teaching, staff documents, and media purposes. These personal spaces are managed by the IBS Technology Department and are not associated with "UNET Home Space"

A schedule of disk quota's can be seen below:

  • PhD: 40GB (private space for research purposes)
  • Faculty: 80GB (private for research purposes)
  • Staff: 5GB (private for business purposes)

We also provide a number of semi-public locations for sharing within the community including:

  • Faculty & PhD Shared Research Space
  • Faculty Community Shared Research Space
  • Staff Departmental Shared Research Space

Getting Connected

PhD's, faculty, and staff are automatically connected to their network storage within Windows environments in both classrooms and offices inside the Sachar and Lemberg buildings. 

Members of the community attempting to connect on systems in other areas such as the Computer Clusters, Labs, PhD Room systems should follow the instructions provided in the links below.

Connecting On-Campus


Connecting off-campus requires access through the University provided Virtual Private Network (VPN) The VPN, entitled "Wormhole" can be access via the steps provided in the previous link or by requesting assistance at the IBS or Goldfarb Help Desk. Once connected, you may run install and run the "Network Connect" app and follow instructions under Connecting On-Campus.

Backup Procedures

Both “UNET” and Network Storage Space are “volume shares” on a system called the “SAN” The SAN is a redundant system located in the Feldberg Building which is protected by multiple levels of RAID (a large number of separate hard drives holding copies of the same information). The SAN is also replicated over to a backup SAN located in the Goldfarb Building. For more information on how UNET space is backed up, please contact the Brandeis Help Desk at ext. 67777. The following schedule of backup & redundancy are in place for all IBS Network Storage locations:

  • SAN Snapshot (Level 1)
    • Snapshots are full copies of every file located within SAN folders
    • Snapshot Schedule
      • Daily @ 5pm (each snapshot kept for 1 week)
      • Weekly @ 6pm Sunday (each snapshot kept for 30 days)
      • Monthly @ 5pm 1st Sunday (each snapshot kept for 3 months)
  • SAN Shadow Copy (Level 2)
    • Shadow Copy Schedule
      • Twice Daily (7am & 7pm)
      • Each version saved for 3 months