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Faculty Profile: William Ellet

William Ellet

Adjunct Professor in the International Business School

I have studied and taught writing, particularly in business; practical argumentation; persuasion; rhetoric; and presentation skills. I also have expertise in case method teaching, facilitating sessions on case method teaching for faculty who have not used it before, and, from the student side, writing about cases.

I have taught management communication at Brandeis IBS for three and a half years. I'm the author of The Case Study Handbook and a Management Communication online course, both published by Harvard Business Publishing. I am currently starting work with a colleague in the financial industry on a practitioner book about writing.

I have been a consultant on writing at Harvard Business School for over two decades. I have taught the writing portion of the HBS PreMBA program for better than 15 years. That course is now a hybrid of online and face-to-face teaching. I do presentations on case reading and writing for the first-year MBAs at HBS and in an executive education program there. I facilitate the first part of Harvard Business Publishing's Participant-Centered Learning seminar, which introduces faculty to the case method, and run seminars on case teaching for LASPAU, a foundation that fosters innovation teaching in Latin American universities. Finally, I teach Business Communication in an EMBA program for professional athletes at George Washington University.

University of California, Berkeley, M.A.