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Faculty Profile: Robert Podorefsky

Robert Podorefsky

Adjunct Professor in the Brandeis International Business School

Fixed Income Derivatives, macroeconomics, hedging and yield enhancement applications, monetary policy

Robert Podorefsky has nearly 30 years of experience in the financial services industry. He is currently the Interest Rate Strategist for GE Capital. In his role, he provides corporate borrowers with a perspective on how risks in the global financial markets may impact their business. He was formerly the Chief Interest Rate Strategist for the global rates group at Bank of America and its legacy banks FleetBoston Financial and Bank Boston where he wrote extensively about financial market risks. Mr. Podorefsky speaks frequently throughout America on the U.S. economy and interest rates.

Prior to his role as a Market Strategist 15 years ago, Mr. Podorefsky was a senior member of the global markets teams of UBS and Merrill Lynch helping large institutional investors enhance their investment yields using various types of financial instruments. He began his career in financial services at Chemical Bank advising large U.S. corporations on managing foreign exchange risks.

New York University, M.B.A.