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Faculty Profile: Jens Hilscher

Jens Hilscher

Associate Professor of Finance in the Brandeis International Business School

Asset Pricing, Corporate Finance, Credit Risk, Sovereign Debt, Behavioral Finance

My primary area of expertise is finance, specifically empirical asset pricing. My research investigates the risks of corporate and sovereign default, the need to design governance structures that mitigate risk, and inefficiencies in financial markets. In the area of credit risk I have examined accurate default prediction and demonstrated the empirical superiority of reduced form models compared to credit ratings and distance to default. I have also investigated whether or not investors are appropriately compensated for exposure to default risk. My interest in corporate finance is reflected in studies investigating how default risk can be reduced by the introduction of contingent capital or governance structures. Another area of focus is behavioral finance, where I have examined the role of market frictions in explaining stock market anomalies as well as information flows between CDS and stock markets. Recently, I have worked on quantifying the possibility of inflation eroding the value of U.S. government debt.

Harvard University, Ph.D.
The London School of Economics, M.S.
The London School of Economics, B.S.


Awards & Honors:
  • (2015) IBS prize for Excellence in Teaching 2015
  • (2012) Eastern Finance Association Outstanding Paper in Corporate Finance
  • (2012) Eastern Finance Association Outstanding Paper in Financial Institutions
  • (2012) Harry M. Markowitz Award - Journal of Investment Management Best Paper Award
  • (2010) Deutsche Bank Prize in Financial Economics - Review of Finance Best Paper Award (2nd Prize)
  • (2009) IBS prize for Excellence in Teaching 2009