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International Behavioral Economics and Finance Association (IBEAF)

Our Mission

iBEAF aims to better understand the cognitive reasoning that influences businesses, financial markets and global economic behavior and thereby prepare its members to excel in the international workforce. 

Our Vision

By joining the expertise in international economics and finance of the International Business School with concepts from both the Department of Psychology and the Heller School for Social Policy at Brandeis University, the club will explore a multi-dimensional understanding of behaviors in economics and finance. With a sustainable foundation in place and as behavioral concepts are explored, the club will improve and expand to meet the needs of the student body in academia and extra-curricular activities.

Meet the Board

Left to right, front to back:
Jerica Bradley, Sasha Weinreich, Alicia Park, Jon Fish, Jessie Stettin, Gaohan Zhang

Co-President Bios:

Jerica Bradley 
(Left Front) My name is Jerica Bradley and I am a second-year MA from Montana. I am fascinated with how governments, corporations and cultures make decisions- and how those decisions can affect the financial markets. For these reasons, I am very passionate about behavioral economics and have founded the first-ever Behavioral Economics and Finance Association at IBS. Before Brandeis, I lived for three years in Washington, DC and worked for the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee. In addition to working in the public sector, I also worked at a private hospital for six years in Northwest Montana. Other than MT, MA, and DC, I have also lived in TX and CA which allowed me to experience the diversity even within my own country. While at Brandeis I have successfully completed two Hassenfeld Fellowship Programs; one to Cuba and another to Turkey and Azerbaijan to gain exposure in emerging markets and doing business in other cultures. After Brandeis, in my profession, I hope to work in emerging markets finance and be able to use behavioral finance and economics in a multicultural setting.

Jon Fish 
(Left Back) Hi! My name is Jon Fish, and I’m a second year MA student from Cleveland. My love for behavioral economics and finance stems from my passion for seeing how businesses are able to solve complex problems, especially societal ones, while thriving financially. Other than iBEAF, the thing that gets me up in the morning is social entrepreneurship: start-ups that produce viable businesses for the dual purposes of profit and societal good. Before coming to Brandeis, I attended the Ohio State University where I studied economics and finance. In addition to iBEAF, I am currently the co-president of Net Impact and also work at Boundless, a start-up striving to make learning tools such as textbooks more accessible to students.  


Be sure to register for our Behavioral Economics and Finance Class offered here at IBS and be on the lookout for our new blog. Also keep us informed on how we can make your experience at Brandeis more meaningful and successful. We are excited and happy to answer any questions you may have, so please get in touch—the sooner the better!