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Student Profile: Gaohan Zhang

[Brandeis IBS] is a place for you to make life-long friends

Gaohan Zhang , MA '14

Undergraduate institution: Michigan State University

Career Interests: Consulting; Real Estate

Internship: Lyon Capital, Inc. / Cushman & Wakefield 

Personal Interests: Plot-twisted movies like Identity, Sixth Sense, and Orphan. Jogging and playing squash. 

Favorite Courses: Financial modeling, real estate fundamentals, real estate capital market 

Extracurricular Activities: I learned a lot about project management and market research from my engagement in consulting projects last year and it definitely helps me stand out during my interviews. If you like consulting or project management, consulting club is a good place to go. 

Best places in Boston/Waltham: There are a couple of really good Chinese restaurants in Boston, like Mulan and Sichuan Gourmet. 

Best advice: Brandeis IBS is a great place and you will definitely be overwhelmed in the first couple weeks. Stay focused and know that: less is more. Don't try to grab everything because you're going to end up excelling in nothing. Choose something you are really interested or really good at, stick with it, and do your best. Additionally, try to know as many people as possible at Brandeis IBS because it is such a great community. It is a place for you to make life-long friends.