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Asper Center Awards

The Asper Award for Global Entrepreneurship

The Asper Award for Global Entrepreneurship is given annually to a person that best exemplifies the Asper Center’s values of entrepreneurial spirit and independent thinking at Brandeis International Business School (IBS). 

2014 Asper Center Awards

Global Entrepreneurship Award  

Diane Hessan
Chairman, Communispace

Alumni Entrepreneurship Award 
Paul Walborsky, `88, MA `89
CEO, Gigaom


2014 Asper award winner Paul Walborsky and Diane Hessen with Len Asper, Dean Bruce Magid, and Co-directors of the Asper center Ben Gomez-Cassers and Charles Reed, Jr.

Diane Hessan, Paul Walborsky, `88, MA `89, Len Asper, `86, Professor Ben Gomes-Casseres and Professor Charles Reed, Jr.

Professor Carol Osler interacts with students at the awards dinner

Professor Carol L. Osler Program Director for the Lemberg Masters in International Economics and Finance.

Asper award winners Paul Walborsky and Diane Hessen with Len Asper

Award winners Diane Hessan, Communispace, Paul Walborsky, `88, MA `89, Gigaom, Len Asper, `86, Anthem Media Group.

Students and guests enjoying the cocktail reception.

Len Asper speaking at the award ceremony

Len Asper, `86 President & CEO Anthem Media Group speaking at the award ceremony.

Professor Charles Reed, Jr. Co-Director, Asper Center speaking with guests.

Brian Lash '78, founder, Target Companies, 2013

Brian Lash, founder, Target Companies

Brian Lash founded The Target Companies in 1978 and is responsible for Target Logistics' overall strategic direction, sales and marketing operations. While directing numerous projects all over the world, Brian has built a reputation as a tenacious, indefatigable leader who has helped his company grow from a startup to the largest turnkey provider of remote workforce housing in the United States. Brian's expertise has led to both national and international press, including appearances on CNBC and CNN. In addition, he has served on the Governor's Entrepreneurial Advisory Council in Massachusetts, and also received the DeWitt Wallace Fellowship. Brian earned his bachelor's degree with a double major from Brandeis University. He has been a frequent speaker on entrepreneurship at Brandeis International Business School.

Helen Greiner, co-founder of iRobot, founder/CEO of CyPhyWorks, 2011

Helen Greiner, iRobot, CyPhyWorks, Asper Award Recipient 2011

A robot industry pioneer with more than two decades of experience, Greiner has helped to promote the use of robots as one of today’s most important emerging technologies. She has been named one of America’s Best Leaders by the Kennedy School at Harvard University in conjunction with US News & World Report and has been honored with the Pioneer Award from the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI). Greiner has also been named New England Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst and Young with iRobot co-founder Colin Angle. She is chair of the national Robotic Technology Consortium. Greiner holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s degree in computer science, both from MIT. She recently serves as the founder and CEOof a stealth robotics company CyPhyWorks.

Shai Agassi and Michael Granoff, Better Place, 2010

Shai Agassi and Michael Granoff, Asper Award Recipients

In 2007, Israeli entrepreneur Shai Agassi embarked on a mission to make zero-emission, electric-powered cars a reality across the globe. Michael Granoff was the first investor in this drive for oil independence. Better Place is now the best-funded ($700 million) clean technology company in history, deploying electric car systems in Israel, Denmark, and Australia: systems in Japan, the US and Canada will soon be implemented.

Linda Rottenberg, Endeavor Global, 2009

Ms. Linda Rottenberg, CEO and CO-Founder of Endeavor Global, was presented with the 2009 Asper Award for Global Entrepreneurship at Brandeis International Business School.  Ms. Rottenberg was recognized for her exceptional leadership in creating an organization that identifies and supports high-impact entrepreneurs in emerging markets.  She is the first social entrepreneur to receive this prestigious accolade. 

Jon L. Luther, Dunkin' Brands, 2008

Jon Luther, Dunkin Brands, Asper Award RecipientThe 2008 Asper Award for Global Entrepreneurship was given to Jon L. Luther, Chairman and CEO of Dunkin' Brands. The award honors his extraordinary leadership and innovative approach in transforming a regional New England company into a national corporate leader. Mr. Luther is driving an ambitious plan to expand and energize two world-renowned brands: Dunkin' Donuts and Baskin Robbins. Under his leadership, Dunkin' Brands reached $6.6 billion in worldwide sales in 2007 with over 13,800 stores, many of which are located abroad.

Firaxis Games, 2006

Firaxis Games, Asper Award Recipient 2006

The 2006 Asper Award for Global Entrepreneurship was given to the leaders of Firaxis Games - Jeffrey Briggs, Sid Meier and Jonathan Plutzik '76. The award honors their outstanding success in the global marketplace through development of creative products that span geographic and cultural boundaries, integration of technology, marketing and business strategy, uncommon attention to detail and execution as well as exemplary corporate citizenship.

Fubu, 2004

Founded in 1992 by four neighborhood friends in a basement in Queens, New York, FUBU quickly established itself as a leading global brand in sportswear, accessories, home products and music recordings. The company’s product line can be found in more than 5,000 retail stores in 60 countries.

FUBU has pioneered new venues for celebrities and hip hop artists to help promote its diverse product line to audiences throughout the world. The company has received numerous national awards for setting a new standard in entrepreneurship.

The Asper Award honors FUBU in light of its unique combination of talents and abilities that led to its success. FUBU has consistently maintained a profile that is cutting edge, multi-cultural, and global in scope, while at the same time remaining loyal to the community from which it first emerged.

The Brandeis Alumni Entrepreneurship Award

The Asper Alumni Entrepreneurship Award is given annually to a Brandeis IBS graduate that best exemplifies the Asper Center’s values of entrepreneurial spirit and independent thinking. 


The 2013 award was given to Zenobia Moochhala, MA '98, co-founder and vice president of marketing at, an Internet-based service that assists in matching families with caregivers. Founded in 2006, the company now hosts more than seven million members in more than 15 countries worldwide.