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Asper Center Courses

Asper Center Courses

The Asper Center for Global Entrepreneurship supports a variety of Brandeis IBS courses that prepare students to become tomorrow's entrepreneurs. Funds from the Institute support courses such as:

Bus 269f, Building Sustainable Businesses
Mitch Tyson

Examines the influence of corporate sustainability on a host of business operations, including: internal operations, supply chain management, employee engagement, product development, market communications, strategic planning, corporate compliance, and investor relations. Considers ways in which corporate sustainability is both a set of business practices as well as a set of corporate values and culture.

Bus 260a, Competition and Strategy
Benjamin Gomes-Casseres

Introduces frameworks for analyzing industries and key concepts in business strategy. Uses case methods to practice strategic and team projects as well as conduct business research.

Bus. 231a, Entrepreneurial Finances and Business Plans
Charles Reed

Addresses the fundamentals of starting and growing a business, including entrepreneurial finance and financial management. Covers theory and practice, including presentations by speakers involved in entrepreneurship, underwriting, and venture capital. The major assignment encompasses a team project to construct a business plan for a startup company using actual data.