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Thought Leadership

Regional expertise, research, and events

The Latin America Initiative familiarizes students with Latin American current affairs and economic issues through:

  • fostering the global connections of Brandeis IBS’ faculty
  • bringing high-profile speakers from Latin America to share their experiences and perspectives with our students
  • organizing on-campus cultural celebrations for students

Through these efforts, we provide our students with a first-hand interaction with Latin America that reflects Brandeis IBS' vision of global exposure.

Economic development and social responsibility

Honduran President Porfirio Lobo visits Brandeis IBS and the Latin Club

Less than a year after the founding of Brandeis IBS’ Latin Club, Honduran President Porfirio Lobo sat down with students to discuss contemporary issues surrounding economic development and corporate social responsibility.

"At Brandeis IBS we are the ambassadors of our countries,” said Jaime Vergara, MBA ’12. “It is our goal to show the value that we as Latinos have in Latin America."

Economic instability in Brazil

Henrique Meirelles visited Brandeis IBS

Following his successful tenure as Brazil’s former central bank governor, Henrique Meirelles visited Brandeis IBS to address the measures that he and others took to solve Brazil’s problems of economic instability.

Global Trade Summit - Focus on Brazil

Joel Schwartz of EMC discusses Latin American Initiatives with Brandeis IBS at the Global Trade Summit

Students have had the unique opportunity to attend events like Brandeis IBS' Global Trade Summit, which in 2012 featured Brazil as one of the four focus countries. Special guests on the speaker panel, which focused on the Brazilian economy, included Fernando de Mello Barreto, consul general of Brazil in Boston, and José Castelló, managing director and deputy head at Sovereign Bank. Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick was the keynote speaker at the event, using the opportunity to announce Brazil President Dilma Rousseff's visit to Massachusetts the following week.

Joel Schwartz, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Global New Business Development at EMC, spoke at the 2012 Global Trade Summit.

Faculty Insights on Latin America

Professor Ricardo Lopez discusses Brandeis IBS and Latin American studies

Assistant Professor Ricardo López, a native of Chile, joined the faculty in 2010, following four years as an economic advisor to the Chilean minister of economy. His research focuses on economic growth in Latin America, particularly through one of his most recent publications.