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Perlmutter Institute Courses

Perlmutter Institute Courses

The Perlmutter Institute supports a variety of IBS courses that prepare students to emerge as leaders in the global corporations of the future. Funds from the Institute support courses such as:

Bus 220a. Organizational Behavior
Andrew Molinsky

Covers the fundamentals of organizational behavior, including the topics of leadership, work motivation, organizational culture, organizational structure, group dynamics, perception, decision-making, and cross-cultural interaction. Assignments include group project analysis of a real organizational dilemma using concepts covered in class.

Bus 227a, Influence, Power and Identity
Sandra Cha

Examines how many aspects of your career—landing a job, a promotion, or a new client—require you to influence other people and to impact how they think, feel and behave. Students will explore and apply the latest research on successful influence strategies.

Bus 266f, Managing Global Human Capital
Detlev Suderow

Meets for one-half semester for half-course credit. An introduction to the strategic role international human resource management plays in creating competitive advantages for firms. Topics include global strategies for Employment, Compensation, Leadership Development, and Policies and Procedures. Students will learn the nuances of managing human capital in multinational firms. 

Econ 277f, Public Policy, Business Leadership and World Affairs: An Insider's View
Kevin Steinberg

Meets for one-half semester for half-course credit. Explores the approach of the World Economic Forum toward three global challenges. Students meet with guest lecturers who know the facts and the players, review background material and debate the issues by assuming the roles of the main players.