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Hans G. Nordby, Managing Director, PPR
The State of the Economy, Capital Flows and the Real Estate Markets

Hans Nordby leads a team of 70 professionals, including 47 economists located in Boston, Washington, DC and the United Kingdom. Mr. Nordby has been with PPR since 2002. Most recently he was Director of Advisory Services, managing custom strategic research efforts for large public and private pension funds, pension fund advisors, bank holding companies, and REITs. Mr. Nordby has extensive experience providing clients with commercial real estate insights on portfolio strategy, target market selection, relative value and custom scenario analyses, and acquisition/disposition studies.

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2014 NABE  Crisis Game
The Crisis Game gave students an opportunity to apply their knowledge of economics, finance and market regulation in a simulation of a crisis, where within a restricted time frame the teams (representing the Central Bank and the Government of a simulated country) came up with a solution to rescue the economy. The game required students to not only apply their knowledge, but also be dynamic, organized, able to work under pressure, and have a set of other skills: data analysis, presentation, persuasion and debating. When the wave of a crisis starts to cover a country, governments and central banks need to make instantaneous decisions: this is a lesson that we want students to learn from this game.

2013 Municipal Finance Conference
August 1-2, 2013
Boston Park Plaza Hotel, Boston, MA

In coordination with The Bond Buyer, the Municipal Finance Conference, hosted by Brandeis IBS and The Rosenberg Institute of Global Finance, brought together academics, practitioners, regulators and issuers to discuss municipal capital markets.

 2013 NABE Crisis Game

In February 2013 the first inter-school economic competitive event, designed and organized by Brandeis, with the support of NABE was held. Students had the opportunity to apply their knowledge of economics, finance and market regulation in a crisis simulation, where within a restricted time frame the teams (representing the Central Bank and the Government) came up with a solution to rescue the economy. 

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Will the US Fall Off the Fiscal Cliff?
Speaker: Robert Pozen, Former Chairman, MSF Investment Management

Guest Speakers: Tom Keene, CFA, Bloomberg News


Is The Global Financial System Sustainable?
Speaker: Tom Keene, Editor-at-Large of Bloomberg News

Guest Speakers: Allen Sinai


Recovery or Relapse? Prospects for the Global Economy
Speaker: Allen Sinai, President, CEO and Chief Economist, Decisions Economics


Forecasts for the Economic Recovery

Panelists: Geoffrey Somes, VP and Senior Economist, State Street Global Advisors Economics Team, Sara Johnson, Managing Director, Global Macroeconomics, IHS Global Insight Country Analysis and Forecasting Group. Moderator: Catherine Mann

US Monetary Policy Forums

Speaker at Monetary Policy Form

2008 New York City
Cosponsor: Initiative on Global Markets at the Booth School of Business, University of Chicago.

Panel I: Leveraged Losses: Lessons from the Mortgage Market Meltdown
Presenters: David Greenlaw, Morgan Stanley, Jan Hatzius, Goldman Sachs, Anil Kashyap, Booth School of Business, University of Chicago, Hyun Shin, Princeton University. Keynote: The Governance, Communication, and Conduct of Federal Reserve's Monetary Policy. Vincent Reinhart, Former Director, Federal Reserve Board Division of Monetary Affairs

Panel II: Balancing Financial Stability, Price Stability, and Macroeconomic Stability: How Important is Moral Hazard?
Presenters: Charles Evans, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Peter Hooper, Deutsche Bank, William Poole, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, Kenneth West, University of Wisconsin

2007 Washington, DC
Cosponsor: Initiative on Global Markets at the Booth School of Business, University of Chicago.

Keynote: Making Monetary Policy and Talking about It. Alan Binder, Princeton University 

Panel I: Understanding the Evolving Inflation Process. Written by Stephen G. Cecchetti, Peter Hooper, Bruce C. Kasman, Kermit L. Schoenholtz, and Mark W. Watson. Presenters: Donald L. Kohn, Federal Reserve Board of Governors, Jeffrey M. Lacker, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond 

Panel II: Liquidity and Monetary Policy
Presenters: Randall S. Kroszner, Federal Reserve Board of Governors, Gary H. Stern, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

Spring Events

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NABE The Crisis Game
On Friday, February 1st the Brandeis chapter of NABE hosted The Crisis Game, the first ever inter-school event at Brandeis International Business School. This game was sponsored by The NABE Foundation, and supported by Brandeis Student Services and the Rosenberg Institute of Global Finance. 

The creators of the Crisis Game, headed by Anna Kovalenko (MAief 2013, NABE Brandeis Chapter President), found the preparation and organization of the event very worthwhile and gratifying, gaining experience and satisfaction from a well-run competition. Catherine Mann, a Professor at Brandeis University and advisor for the NABE Brandeis Chapter, praised the endeavor : "it was an amazing culmination of great effort on the part of Anna and her team." 

Symposium: Priorities and Pitfalls: The New International Financial Regulation

Panelists: Norah M. Barger, Senior Advisor, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System, David Gutschenritter, Executive VP and Treasurer, State Street Corporation, Nicolas Veron, Senior Fellow, Bruegel/Visiting Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics. Moderator: John Balder, Adjunct Professor, Brandeis International Business School

Clean and Green: Business Policy or Slogan?

Panelists: Ron Pratt, Founder and CEO, EnergyClimate Solutions, Herb Magid, Managing Partner, Energy Investor Funds, Kelly Warner, Founder and CEO, Deerpath Energy