Instructor in the Rabb School of Continuing Studies, Division of Graduate Professional Studies


Ph.D., Capella University

Field of Specialty

Organization and management, software engineering methodologies, software requirements engineering, distance education, managing information technologies.

Contact Information

Rabb School

Cynthia Phillips

Cynthia Phillips, PhD, has a background in software development, requirements engineering, and information systems management. She has also taught a variety of industry seminars and has been involved in online education at Brandeis having developed a number of degree programmes at GPS. Cynthia is also an Honorary Lecturer and Core Faculty Member at the University of Liverpool.


Phillips, Cynthia. Requirements Modeling with UML: A study of perceived usefulness & ease of use. Diss. Capella University, 3/1/09. Koln, Germany: Lambert Academic Publishing, 2009.

Phillips, Cynthia. "International Distance Education." UCEA, New Orleans, LA. March 2008.

Phillips,Cynthia. "Does Going to Class in Your Pajamas Sound Like Fun?." ACHE Conference Paper, 2002.

Courses Taught

RMGT 103 Strategic Information Technology: Organizational Strategy
RMGT 110 Organizational Leadership and Decision Making
RMGT 120 Legal and Ethical Practices in IT
RMGT 121 Organizational Behavior
RMGT 125 Managing Today’s Technology Professionals
RSAN 110 Business Intelligence, Analytics and Decision Making