Instructor in the Rabb School of Continuing Studies, Division of Graduate Professional Studies.


M.S., Rochester Institute of Technology

Field of Specialty

Software development and QA for trading floors, an Internet news service, printers and imaging systems, and control applications. My interests include the UNIX programming environment, software quality, release/configuration management, and intellectual-property issues.

Contact Information

Rabb School

Erik Hemdal

Erik Hemdal, MSEE, is a Senior Support Specialist at InterSystems Corporation. He is a senior member of ASQ, and an ASQ Certified Quality Engineer; as well as a member of IEEE and ACM.


Hemdal, J. Erik. "Software Release: The Foundation of Software Quality." NERCOMP Software Release Best Practices SIG. Norwood, MA

Hemdal,J. Erik. "Dynamic Software Tracking." BOSCON 2004, Boston Section, American Society for Quality, 2004.

Hemdal,J. Erik. "The Personal Software Process: A Few Unexpected Lessons." ASM/SM 2000, 2000.

Hemdal,J. Erik. Speech Utterance Recognition System. Diss. Cornell EE492 Senior Project, 1983.

Courses Taught

RSEG 110 Unix Tools
RSEG 126 Release Control and Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (DevOps)
RSEG 127 Software Engineering Studio
RSEG 145 Linux Administration
RSEG 290 Special Topics in Software Engineering