Program Chair for the Software Engineering Program; Instructor in the Rabb School of Continuing Studies, Division of Graduate Professional Studies.


Ph.D., Brandeis University

Field of Specialty

Expertise: Software Engineering, Virtual Management, Architecture of Enterprise Systems, Web and E-Business Portals, Object-Oriented Design & Development, Project Management

Contact Information

Rabb School

Aline Yurik

Aline Yurik, PhD, is the Program Chair for the Software Engineering program. She teaches courses in the software engineering and virtual management curricula. Aline's industry experience is in software architecture specializing in enterprise and business systems design and development. She has been a software development manager on a number of information technology projects, spanning virtual and global teams. Aline has a PhD in Computer Science from Brandeis University.

Courses Taught

RSEG 103 Software Development in C++
RSEG 113 Advanced Programming in C++ (Level 2)
RSEG 128 User Interface Design
RSEG 131 Software Testing Techniques
RSEG 168 Architecture for Business and E-Commerce
RVTM 110 Management of Virtual and Global Teams
RVTM 115 Social Media and Collaboration Technology in Organizations