Instructor in the Rabb School of Continuing Studies, Division of Graduate Professional Studies


Ph.D., Ural Polytechnic

Field of Specialty

Research in Physics and Biophysics, chemical and biological interfaces, modeling of membranes and proteins (mostly published under the alias "Partenskii"). Teaching Math and Science from High School to graduate level. Popularizing science.

Contact Information

Edison-Lecks Science Building 117

Michael B. Partensky

Michael Partensky, PhD, has more than twenty years of experience in teaching and research in statistical and chemical physics and biophysics, and in popularizing science. He is a member of the Wolfram Research faculty program and a co-founder of BosDLI.com dedicated to the on-line education in Math and Science. He is enthusiastic about the application of the computer-aided thinking tools such as Mathematica and MatLab in research and teaching.


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Courses Taught

RBIF 103 Probability and Statistics