Instructor in the Rabb School of Continuing Studies, Division of Graduate Professional Studies


B.A., Franklin and Marshall College

Field of Specialty

Certified Public Accountant with a focus in strategic, general management, financial and operational issues for established and start-up businesses. His interests are driven towards leadership and the necessary attributes to perform at a high level. Leadership growth comes through practice and experiential learning and development.

Mr. Holberton is also an expert in designing presentations and coaching individuals in getting their message across to audiences.

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Philip Holberton

Philip Holberton, BA, CPA, is the founder of Holberton Group Inc - Speaking of Leadership, a business advisory firm specializing in strategic, organizational, and executive coaching. He also has more than 20 years of executive experience in companies such as General Cinema Theatres, Cambridge NeuroScience, Becton Dickinson and a number of other start-up companies. He is the retired President & CEO of Differential Proteomics Inc., a private biotechnology company and now runs CEO Peer Advisory Boards in the greater Boston area.

Mr. Holberton is the author of the popular blog - Speaking of Leadership.


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Courses Taught

RMGT 103 Strategic Information Technology: Organizational Strategy
RMGT 110 Organizational Leadership and Decision Making