Instructor in the Rabb School of Continuing Studies, Division of Graduate Professional Studies.


M.S., University of Southern Florida

Field of Specialty

Machine Learning, Image Processing, Embedded systems design / development. Software design in highly regulated industries (FDA). Medical device design/development. Managing remote teams. Multi-discipline project management (software, electronics, mechanical). Risk Management.

Contact Information

Rabb School

Robert S. Wallace

Robert Wallace, MSBE, MSEM, PMP, is a PhD student and an experienced software engineer for both new product development and product support. He has 19 years of experience in developing embedded systems for medical devices and 4 years experience in project management. His research interest is in the application of machine learning and statistical analysis to the characterization and classification of fall risk in the elderly. His other interests and expertise include embedded software development, software quality, software and product safety, and general software development in both heavily regulated industries and unregulated industries.


Smith; Kathy K. (Tampa, FL), Medero; Richard (Tampa, FL), Cruz; Edward V. (Newbury Park, CA), Hoard; David W. (Sherman Oaks, CA), Pate; Brian L. (Tampa, FL), Wallace, III; Robert S. (Lutz, FL). Reconfigurable user interface for modular patient monitor.. Critikon Company, LLC, assignee. Patent 6,188,407. April 1, 2001.

Maghirang, JC; Wallace, R; Xue, S; Benson, TE; Voigt, HF. "Regularity Analysis of Units in the Anesthetized Gerbil Dorsal Cochlear Nucleus (DCN).." Society for Neuroscience Abstracts (1990).

Wallace, Robert S.. Development of a Software Package for Multiple Unit Analysis of Neurophysiological Data. Diss. Boston University, December, 1990. Boston, MA: Boston University, 1990.

Courses Taught

RSEG 120 Software Development Methodologies
RSEG 122 Advanced Software Development Methodologies
RSEG 185 Embedded Systems Programming
RSEG 290 Special Topics in Software Engineering