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Class # Course # Course Title Status Meeting Time(s) Instructor(s) View Books
3004 RBIF 100 1DL Introduction to Bioinformatics Scripting and Programming Open Online Sivachenko, Andrey View Books
3006 RBIF 110 1DL Molecular Modeling and Cheminformatics Open Online Cheng, Alan View Books
3005 RBIF 112 1DL Biological Data Mining and Modeling Open Online Natarajan, Madhusudan View Books
11073 RBIF 120 1DL Research Topics in Computational Biology Open Online Sadreyev, Ruslan View Books
3002 RBIO 102 1DL Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology
This is a 4-credit course that meets for 13 weeks. See the website for tuition and academic calendar.
Open Online Pastorino, Lucia View Books
3015 RCOM 102 1DL Professional Communications Open Online Glosband, Merrily View Books
3016 RCOM 102 2DL Professional Communications Open Online Drewry, Jennifer View Books
3007 RHIN 110 1DL Perspectives on Health/Medical Information Systems Open Online Wattanasin, Nich View Books
10743 RHIN 115 1DL Health Data and Electronic Health Records (EHRs) Open Online Harvey III, Arthur William View Books
3008 RHIN 130 1DL Health Care Delivery in the U.S. Open Online Moore, Carl E. View Books
3009 RHIN 160 1DL Legal Issues in Health and Medical Informatics Open Online Hemdal, Deborah Wheaton View Books
3010 RHIN 200 1DL Health/Medical Informatics Independent Study Project Open Online Phillips, Cynthia View Books
3011 RIAS 102 1DL Foundations of Information Security Management Open Online Brink, Derek E. View Books
3013 RIAS 115 1DL Information Technology Forensics and Investigations Open Online Messier, Richard View Books
10738 RIAS 150 1DL Principles of Risk Management in IT Security Open Online Brink, Derek E. View Books
3014 RIAS 172 1DL Network Security Open Online Brooks, Charles L. View Books
3017 RMGT 102 1DL Strategic Information Technology: Operational Strategy Open Online La Creta, James J. View Books
3018 RMGT 110 1DL Organizational Leadership and Decision Making Closed Online Phillips, Cynthia View Books
3019 RMGT 110 2DL Organizational Leadership and Decision Making Open Online Holberton, Philip View Books
3043 RMGT 110 3DL Organizational Leadership and Decision Making Open Online Heda, Raj View Books
3021 RPJM 101 1DL Foundations of Project Management Open Online Hassey, James View Books
3048 RPJM 101 2DL Foundations of Project Management Open Online Malik, Nadeem View Books
3022 RPJM 103 1DL Project Scheduling and Control Open Online Parker, Jeffrey S. View Books
3024 RPJM 110 1DL Risk Management in Projects and Programs Open Online Guérin, Denise M. View Books
3025 RPJM 113 1DL Negotiating and Conflict Resolution
Students in this course are charged a non-refundable course materials fee of $25, which covers the cost of case studies used in simulated negotiations.
Open Online Priddle, David T. View Books
10758 RPJM 115 1DL Challenges in Project Management Open Online Bateman, Leanne View Books
3026 RPJM 117 1DL Program Management: Theory and Practice Open Online Coleman, Cheryl View Books
10221 RSAN 110 1DL Business Intelligence, Analytics and Decision Making Open Online Phillips, Cynthia View Books
3027 RSEG 102 1DL Advanced Programming in Java Open Online Verabelli, Raghu View Books
3028 RSEG 109 1DL Object-Oriented Design Open Online Yurik, Vitaly View Books
3029 RSEG 110 1DL Unix Tools Open Online Hemdal, J. Erik View Books
3030 RSEG 122 1DL Advanced Software Development Methodologies Open Online Wallace III, Robert S. View Books
3031 RSEG 126 1DL Release Engineering and Configuration Management Open Online Hemdal, J. Erik View Books
3032 RSEG 131 1DL Software Testing Techniques Open Online Yurik, Aline View Books
3033 RSEG 167 1DL Service Oriented Architecture Open Online Yurik, Vitaly View Books
3034 RSEG 176 1DL Cloud Computing Open Online Davidow, Ari View Books
3035 RSEG 178 1DL Windows Communication Foundation Programming with C# Open Online Liu, Hongcheng View Books
3047 RSEG 290 1DL Special Topics in Software Engineering
Topic for Fall 2013: Transformation of the Internet: Software Defined Networking (SDN) The rapidly upward trend in bandwidth (≥ 400 Gb/s) and the ever more stringent requirements for service delivery (≥ high definition video) mean that continuing to build up a purely hardware-based network infrastructure is, from a business perspective, unsustainable. Combine these trends with the need of large enterprises to individually manage their computing resources while outsourcing the underlying computing/networking infrastructure, and it becomes obvious that only a new and judicious combination of hardware and software functionality will meet tomorrow's Internet Service Provider (ISP) networking needs. This combination of hardware and software goes by the name of Software Defined Networking. What that combination might be, and how it meets the requirements of the ISP in the 21st century, is the subject of this course.
Open Transformation Internet (SDN): Online Leiden, Stevan View Books
10737 RVTM 101 1DL Foundations of Virtual Management across Cultures and Geographies Open Online Todd, Amy View Books
3036 RVTM 115 1DL Social Media and Collaboration Technology in Organizations Open Online Yurik, Aline View Books
3037 RVTM 125 1DL Virtual Teams in Worldwide Environments Open Online Todd, Amy View Books

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