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RSEG 185

Enterprise Content Management

The web is used both to present an organization to the world, as well as the primary access to an organization’s internal knowledge management infrastructure. Organizations increasingly rely on Web sites and web-based applications, to not only interact with customers, but also to support staff. Content management tools provide the basis for maintaining organizational knowledge, as well as tools for collaboration and engagement with an organization’s stakeholders, from staff to customers and investors. This course covers the study and use of tools used to manage Web content and the techniques to create a strong Web presence. Concepts addressed include how to create, architect, and manage Web content including multimedia for maximum “findability” and impact; review and use of Content Management Systems, collaborative tools such as blogs and wikis, the “social Web,” and Web 2.0. Proven practices and strategies for content workflow, management, implementation, and maintenance are discussed.

At the end of this course the student will be able to:
Select, create, publish, and manage appropriate content to the web.

Ensure that sought-after content, and the related items the visitors may not have known to look for, are found by site visitors, as well as on public search engines.

Select and implement an appropriate Content Management System with the tools needed to manage Web presence.

Actively ensure personal and organizational privacy and security, as well as understand relevant legal issues related to privacy and security.

Design Web-based systems that facilitate interactivity and collaboration via discussion, group-editing, content-sharing, and ambient presence.

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