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RSAN 110

Business Intelligence, Analytics and Strategic Decision Making

Business Intelligence can be described as the process of transforming data into knowledge. This transformation involves the use of processes and applications to extrapolate meaning from a company’s data. This meaning usually ends up on dashboards, so that senior management can monitor assumptions and key performance metrics that are part of long-term planning cycles. As Business Intelligence processes mature, they begin to focus on using data to gain new insights. We call these processes Business Analytics, and this information is the key to Strategic Decision Making. This course provides students the opportunity to develop an in-depth understanding of the modern uses of business intelligence processes. Many companies now commonly use analytics to bridge the gap between existing business intelligence processes and current day needs. Students will be able to understand the business goals and objectives driving these needs. The course also explores the importance of various types of information systems and infrastructure as a framework for business decision making.

At the end of this course the student will be able to:
Develop a foundation in Business Intelligence for Business Analysis and Decision Making
Describe the high-level technical concepts of business intelligence and business analytics
Analyze and interpret various categories of data analytics
Explain the use of business intelligence (BI), including data warehousing and data analytics, to support managerial decision-making
Analyze the structure and technological role data warehousing plays in business intelligence.
Evaluate methodologies for developing applications in an integrated BI environment.
Describe the methods for delivering business intelligence

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