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Class # Course # Course Title Status Meeting Time(s) Instructor(s) View Books
2002 RBIF 101 1DL Structural Bioinformatics Open Online Janet Paulsen
2003 RBIF 108 1DL Computational Systems Biology Open Online Richard Allen
2004 RBIF 112 1DL Mathematical Modeling for Bioinformatics Open Online Andrey Sivachenko
2005 RCOM 102 1DL Professional Communications Open Online Jennifer Drewry
2006 RCOM 102 2DL Professional Communications Open Online Jacob Livengood
2108 RDFT 120 1DL Analysis for Professionals Open Online Stephen Finocchio
2008 RDMD 130 1DL Multichannel Marketing Campaigns Open Online Lora Kratchounova
2009 RDMD 160 1DL Ethics in Digital Design and Marketing Open Online Sarah McMaster
2010 RHIN 115 1DL Health Data and Electronic Health Records (EHRs) Open Online Daniel Flanagan
2011 RHIN 130 1DL Healthcare Delivery in the U.S. Open Online Carl Moore
2012 RHIN 170 1DL Clinical Business Issues in Health Informatics Open Online Carl Moore
2109 RIAS 120 1DL Securing Applications, Web Services, and Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) Open Online Ramesh Nagappan
2014 RIAS 140 1DL Cloud Security Open Online Ramesh Nagappan
2169 RIAS 155 1DL Secure Mobile Applications and Data Open Online Jenelle Davis
2016 RIDT 140 1DL Managing Instructional Design Projects Open Online Anne Marando
2017 RIDT 165 1DL Adaptive and Game-Based E-Learning Design Open Online Carrie Miller
2018 RMGT 110 1DL Organizational Leadership and Decision Making Open Online Patricia Steiner
2019 RMGT 110 2DL Organizational Leadership and Decision Making Open Online Patricia Steiner
2020 RMGT 121 1DL Organizational Behavior Open Online Cynthia Phillips
2021 RMGT 140 1DL Management of Virtual and Global Teams Open Online Amy Todd
2022 RPJM 101 1DL Foundations of Project Management Open Online Vicki Beltran
2023 RPJM 101 2DL Foundations of Project Management Open Online Cheryl Coleman
2024 RPJM 103 1DL Project Scheduling and Control Open Online Simon Cleveland
2025 RPJM 110 1DL Risk Management in Projects and Programs Open Online Denise Guérin
2026 RPJM 113 1DL Negotiating and Conflict Resolution Open Online David Priddle
2027 RPJM 117 1DL Program Management: Theory and Practice Open Online Charles Mutunga
2028 RPJM 119 1DL The Human Side of Project Leadership Open Online Sean Milligan
2029 RSAN 101 1DL Foundations of Data Science and Analytics Open Online Annie Shebanow
2031 RSAN 110 1DL Business Intelligence, Analytics and Strategic Decision Making Open Online John Lynch
2032 RSAN 120 1DL Statistics and Data Analysis Open Online Brian Stout
2033 RSAN 130 1DL Strategic Analytics and Visualization for Big Data Open Online Ross Morrone
2034 RSAN 177 1DL Data Security, Privacy and Ethics Open Online Annie Shebanow
2110 RSAN 190 1DL Project Management for Analytics Open Online Luz Lee
2170 RSAN 290 1DL Special Topics in Strategic Analytics
Instructor's Signature Required.
Topic for summer 2017: The MATTERS Project: Phase 5.
Open Online Travis Dawry
2036 RSEG 161 1DL Web Development Technologies Open Online Vitaly Yurik
2037 RSEG 171 1DL Data Warehousing and Data Mining Open Online Gregory Block
2038 RSEG 176 1DL Cloud Computing Open Online Ari Davidow
2039 RSEG 185 1DL Enterprise Content Management Open Online Ari Davidow
Ian Rifkin
2040 RUCD 130 1DL Information Architecture Open Online Candra Gill
2168 RUCD 190 1DL Capstone in User-Centered Design Open Online Staff
2111 RUCD 290 1DL Special Topics in User-Centered Design
Topic for summer 2017: Strategic Research Methods. This course will cover various research methods including contextual inquiry, field studies, surveys and interviews, focus groups, empathy mapping, user profiling, usability testing, heuristics, and others.
Open Online Douglas Brams

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