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Amy Todd

Amy Todd


Brandeis University, Ph.D.
University of Arizona, M.A.
University of Massachusetts, Boston, B.A.


  • RVTM 101
    Foundations of Virtual Management across Cultures and Geographies

  • RVTM 125
    Virtual Teams in Worldwide Environments


  • Amy Todd. "From Polychronicity to Multitasking: The Warping of Time Across Disciplinary Boundaries." Anthropology of Work Review XXX. 2 (2009): 49-54.
  • Todd,Amy. "Haggling in the Marketplaces of Oaxaca, Mexico: The Economic and Cultural Significance of Buyer-Seller Negotiation." 98th Meeting of the American Anthropological Association, 1999.
  • Todd,Amy. "Informal Politics: Street Vendors and the State in Mexico City." Anthrology of Work Review (1998): 33.
  • Todd,Amy. "The Formal Economy: Regulation of Street Vendors and Marketplace Vendors in the City of Oaxaca, Mexico." 97th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association, 1998.
  • Todd,Amy. "The Structure and Function of Vendor's Associations in the City of Oaxaca, Mexico." Third Bi-annual Conference of Oaxacan Studies, the Welte Institute, 1998.
  • Todd,Amy, Robert C. Hunt. The Cuicatec In Encyclopedia of World Cultures. G.K. Hall & Co., 1995.
  • Todd,Amy. "The Hermeneutic Properties of Writing Primatology." Arizona Anthropolgist (1991): 31-40.

Amy Todd, PhD, is a Sociocultural Anthropologist. She spent 16 months in Mexico studying the regulation of urban public markets. More locally, she has worked as program director and consultant for the Federation of Massachusetts Farmers Markets. From 2005 to 2007, she traveled with American and international students to Brazil, South Africa, India, New Zealand, Paris, and Mexico as faculty for the International Honors Program. She has also taught anthropology at MIT and Dartmouth College, and writing courses at Northeastern University. Currently, she is a full-time instructor in biological and sociocultural anthropology at the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

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