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Madhusudan Natarajan

Madhusudan Natarajan


Northwestern University, Ph.D.
University of Madras, B.E.


  • RBIF 112
    Biological Data Mining and Modeling


  • R. C. Hsueh*, M. Natarajan*, I. Fraser, B. Pond, J. Liu, S. Mumby, H. Han, L. I. Jiang, M. I. Simon, R. Taussig, P. C. Sternweis. "Deciphering Signaling Outcomes from a System of Complex Networks." Science Signaling 2. 71 (2009): ra22.
  • Lee J*, Natarajan M*, Nashine VC, Socolich M, Vo T, Russ WP, Benkovic SJ, Ranganathan R.. "Surface sites for engineering allosteric control in proteins." Science 322. 5900 (2008): 438-442.
  • Natarajan M, Lin KM, Hsueh RC, Sternweis PC, Ranganathan R.. "A global analysis of cross-talk in a mammalian cellular signalling network.." Nature Cell Biology 8. 6 (2006): 571-580..

Madhu Natarajan leads a Computational & Experimental Systems Biology/Systems Pharmacology group at a Boston-area based pharmaceutical company. Madhu's initial training was in Electronics and Communication Engineering, and he went on to graduate studies in Biomedical Engineering and Neurobiology. He received his PhD from Northwestern University, IL, where he investigated sources of sympathetic rhythm generation that form the basis of mammalian cardiovascular control. After a short stint in biotech in NJ, Madhu was a research faculty member in the department of Pharmacology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, TX where he initially worked as part of a large multi-investigator multi-university research collaboration called the Alliance for Cellular Signaling (AfCS). His work in the AfCS is recognized as among the first efforts to combine multivariate, multiscale, multi-assay snapshots of signaling to yield a cohesive picture of cross-talk in signaling networks. His subsequent work there also examined information transduction within proteins, and engineered and designed protein chimeras with novel function. Madhu was recruited to the Boston area to join Pfizer's systems biology group in 2007.

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