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Valerie Greger

Valerie Greger


University of Essen, Ph.D.
University of Heidelberg, M.S.


  • RBIF 102
    Genomics and Genetics


  • Greger,Valerie, E. Woolf and M. Lalande. "Cloning of the Breakpoints of a Submicroscopic Deletion in an Angelman Syndrome Patient." Human Molecular Genetics (2030): 921-924.
  • Greger,Valerie. "Methodologies Used for Genetic Linkage Discovery." Asthma and Genetic Symposium, 1999.
  • Greger,Valerie. "The Hunt for Asthma Genes." Scandinavian Genetics of Asthma Study
  • Greger,Valerie, J.Knoll, J.Wagstaff, E. Woolf, P.Lieske, H.Glatt, P.Benn, S.Rosengren, M.Lalande. "Angelman Syndrome Associated with an Inversion of Chromosome 15q11.2q24.3." American Journal of Human Genetics (1997): 574-580.
  • Greger,Valerie, J. Knoll, E. Woolf, K.Glatt, R.Tyndale, T.DeLorey , R.Olson, A.Tobin, J.Sikela, Nakats. "The Gamma-amminobutyric Acid Receptor 3 Subunit Gene (GABRG3) is Tightly Linked to the Alpha5 Subunit Gene (GABRA5) on Human Chromosome 15q11-q13 and is Transcribed in the Same Orientation." Genomics (1995): 258-264.
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  • Greger,Valerie, B. Brownstein, R. Mohr, I. Voiculescu, A. Winterpacht, B. Zabel, K. Buiting, B. Horsthemke. A Putative Gene Family in 15q11-13 and 16p11.2: Possible Implications for Prader-Willi and Angleman Syndromes. Proc. of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 1992.
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  • Greger,Valerie, S.Kerst, E.Messmer, W.Hopping, E.Passarge, B. Horsthemke. "Applicatino of LInkage Analysis to Genetic Counseling in Families with Hereditary Retinblastoma." American Journal of Medical Genetics (1988): 217-221.

Valerie Greger, PhD, has an extensive background in human genetics, molecular biology, and bioinformatics. She has held positions in both academia and the pharmaceutical industry. Working on the interface between life science and informatics has proven to be a very rewarding experience and motivated her to teach in the Bioinformatics Program at GPS.

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